Sweetshop:飘柔联手 SWEETSHOP 发起全新公益传播战役

2021/11/18 12:27:0201141

SHANGHAI What does the world look like for those who cannot see? Rejoice Franchise and Sweetshop have launched a new campaign that aims to inspire and empower the visually impaired community. Inspired by true stories from this community represented by three sight-impaired heroines, the campaign marks the first nationwide accessible ad for the visually impaired community and shows the beauty they experience in the world.
上海 近日,飘柔携手 Sweetshop 推出了新的广告作品,旨在唤醒更多人关注 视障群体。该广告以三位视障女性为代表,讲述了她们在生活中对美的特殊体 验,是全国首支针对视力障碍群体推出的无障碍广告。

The film, directed by Duanmu Kris, has an authentic documentary feel to it, and tells stories the three women with visual impaired challenges and the raw emotions that come along with them.

Featuring the three womens' individual stories, it first seems as if beauty has become unattainable to them. But as their stories unfold, we are reminded how they are in touch with the world, its beauty, and we see the world through the eyes of their imaginations.


“Throughout the brand communications project, Sweetshop co-created a magical experience for our visually impaired friends and for the whole crew. We were inspired by how rich and colorful their lives are. We spent months getting to know this community. Their hypersensitivity to beauty and imagination is impressive and enlightening for the audiences,” said Duanmu Kris, the director.
“Sweetshop 通过这个品牌传播项目为视障人士和整个团队共同创造了一个神 奇的体验。” 导演端木说道。“他们的生活如此丰富多彩,这带给我们很多启发 和灵感。我们花了几个月的时间来了解视障群体,他们对美的敏感和想象力对 我们有很大的启发,美不等于‘好看’,通过走进视障朋友们,我们和观众一起 感受了美的本质,接受了一次美的‘通识教育’。”

Duanmu added, “On set, the production team kept the technical aspects of the shoot hidden and to a minimum to create a safe and free environment that allowed the visually impaired women and kids to be their natural, beautiful selves. This also allowed me to capture their natural beauty.”
“在拍摄现场,制作团队将拍摄的技术细节隐藏起来,尽量减少,以创造一个安 全、自由的环境,让视障人士和儿童能够做他们自然、美丽的自己。这让我能 够捕捉到他们的自然美。” 端木补充道。

 The campaign comprises a three-minute film, several cutdown versions, along with an accessible version. A documentary was released a few days after the shoot to create hype for the film that was to be launched later. The campaign also includes print work featuring the main talent shot alongside the film. This was all produced by Sweetshop Shanghai. The accessible version was co-produced by Shanghai Fanshiliu Cultural communication Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Yi’er Information Technology Co., Ltd with audio production support from Sweetshop.
此次传播活动包含一部三分钟的主影片,一些短版本的剪辑和一个无障碍版 本。该项目的纪录片也将于后续发布,为出街的影片宣传造势。此外,还将公 布一些与影片拍摄同时拍摄的主要人物视觉。无障碍版本的内容由上海番石榴 文化传播有限公司制作,Sweetshop 提供音频制作支持;无障碍文娱的平台由 上海译迩信息科技有限公司提供。

In the first week of the campaign’s launch on China social media Weibo, it attracted broad interest and sparked discussions with more than 200 million views.
该广告在中国社交媒体微博上推出的第一周,浏览量超过 2 亿,引发了广泛的 兴趣和众多讨论。

Client: P&G CHINA
General Manager: Zhenzhen He
ECD & Head of Design: DUANMU CD & Brand Director: Martin Lin Design: Julie Wang
Senior Brand Manager: Grace Chen
Production Company: Sweetshop, Shanghai
Director: DUANMU
DOP: Chen Qichao
Managing Director & Executive Producer: Laura Geagea Producer: York Liu
Producer: Emma Hong
Post Producer: Lynn Wong Production Assistant: Nick Wu
Line Producer: Wang Xin Production Assistant: Shi Zi Production Assistant: Huo Yan Production Coordinator: Xiong Mao
Offline Editor: 4KIN
Post Production (Grade): MPC, Shanghai Colourist: Agua Jiang
Post Producer: Iris Zhang
Post Production (Online): Juice, Shanghai Managing Director: Simon Astbury
Post Producer: Tang Tang
Online Artist: Patrick Firmansyah

 Accessible Film Producer: Snow Han
Audio Post Production: Shanghai Yu Jiao Yin Yue Studio, Shanghai Music Composer / Sound EFX / Sound Mixing for Accessible Version: Hank Lee
Audio Mixing Studio: Hush Studio, Shanghai Producer: Kelly Lv
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